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Prepaid Card Customer and Corporate Portal

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Our core prepaid platform has been developed over a number of years to be a complete out-of-the-box prepaid solution. It provides all of the functionality you need to run your prepaid program and covers the entire value chain. Our system is completely processor agnostic and interacts with many loading platforms and payment gateways and is fully PCI compliant.

We can provide consumer- and agent-facing portals reskinned to match your own branding, which gives you the fastest route to launching a branded prepaid product. This approach avoids lengthy IT development as you are leveraging our existing platform directly.

Alternatively, we can provide your IT team with access to our comprehensive API which will allow you to integrate prepaid functionality into your own platform. This approach gives you complete control over how your branded prepaid products are presented.

In addition to our cardholder site, our core functions also include a customer service administration portal containing a full set of tools to manage customer contact and account administration.

Online sales reporting is available in real time via our data warehouse, which can be accessed via our own web application for our pre-defined set of reports, to which we can add as required. We can also provide low-level database access to the data warehouse, enabling you to create your own reports in-house using your reporting tools of choice.

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SMS and IVR Card Management

Our SMS and IVR (integrated voice response) platform has been designed to allow your customers / employees to operate and manage their prepaid cards on the go. Nobody leaves home without a mobile phone, so why should they need anything else to manage their finances?

Hosting and Application Management

Resilient, agile and scalable

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At PCS our development team practices Test Driven Development. One of the benefits of this approach is that all of our functionality is covered by an extensive suite of automated tests. This allows us to ensure that new functionality doesn’t break existing functionality.

As a result our core platform has been extremely resilient. Knowing this, we can afford to deploy to production with confidence, often several times per day. These rapid release cycles enable us to react quickly to the changing requirements of the dynamic prepaid industry.

We have invested heavily in a robust, scalable platform built on Linux and deployed to our own cloud infrastructure. All of the servers powering our cloud are dedicated to us, and hosted at our data centre in Surrey, where we have direct control. We don’t use large-scale anonymous cloud providers like Amazon AWS, because we believe we get a better, more responsive service from our own, dedicated systems administrators.

Cutting Edge

Ruby on Rails

All of our applications have been developed using the most modern web application technologies. Central to our solution is Ruby on Rails, the open source web application framework which has become the platform of choice for agile, rapid iteration, feature-rich web programming. Rails allows us to build robust applications quickly, using small teams and short release cycles to accommodate ever-changing client requirements.

Business Success Model

Implementation Services & Project Management

Any new initiative, process change or technology improvement project requires some level of detailed planning. This can often detract from your day to day business. Our consultants have delivered programs to the world's top companies and understand what it takes to get things done in an efficient way with minimal disruption to your business.

We know how to design and develop an optimal customer sign-up process ensuring you comply with all legal requirements including Money Laundering and Know Your Customer - this is built into all our applications but can be tailored to your requirements.

There are many elements to a prepaid program and interfacing with a number of solution partners is critical to the success. Our proven excellence in this arena combined with our marketing team's broad input will ensure that your program can be delivered in the most cost effective way with the shortest timeline.

Talk to us today on how we can help you with your prepaid program implementation or improvement.

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