Warranted Tradesmen to Launch a Loyalty Mastercard Prepaid Card

01 Jul 2015

We are pleased to announce that Warranted Tradesmen have recently launched their loyalty Mastercard® prepaid card provided by Payment Card Solutions (PCS) through their Bread4Business product. PCS is working with Warranted Tradesmen to offer their members a branded Mastercard prepaid card that will be linked with all National Merchants throughout the UK, offering unbeatable discounts to those cardholders.

“Bread4Business has provided us with a branded prepaid card which will not only provide our members with a loyalty card, but will also be utilised to advance our tradesmen for materials. A unique solution that is going to be deployed across the UK.” - Garry Lewis, Warranted Tradesmen

Warranted Tradesmen provides solutions both for the consumer and the tradesman. Their unique online facility gives peace of mind and protection that they are both looking for from the outset.

Paul Swinton, CEO of Payment Cards Solutions commented – "We are really looking forward to working with Warranted Tradesmen and believe their unique offering will revolutionise the way the home improvement sector currently operates in the UK.”

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