Nationwide Metal Recycling Ltd (NMR) join Bread4Scrap

28 Mar 2014

“We are really excited about offering this unique product to our customer base, it will not only benefit our customers by having a safer, quicker and more secure way to receive funds but will also streamline our business .” Tim White, Operations Manager, NMR.

We are pleased to announce Nationwide Metal Recycling Ltd (NMR) have recently launched Bread4Scrap across their 7 yards. Bread4Scrap prepaid card will offer NMR’s customers an alternative way to receive funds whilst being compliant with the new Home Office Guidelines, banning cash for scrap.

NMR was founded by Doug and Jimmy Edwards in 2007. Having many years in the recycling industry they have worked on a wide variety of projects for both individuals and large companies. In 2008 they expanded into Cambridge which is now one of the busiest yards in Cambridgeshire.

“PCS are really looking forward to working alongside NMR to deliver Bread4Scrap. Having NMR onboard makes a huge statement within the industry of how established and used our product has become . We are now recognised as the industry leader.” Paul Swinton, PCS

A Selection of Prepaid Card Case Studies