£2K A month savings on fuel with a Prepaid Card

28 Feb 2014

Lutterworth Logisitcs Ltd (3L) is a rapidly growing same day / next day courier-haulier based in Leicestershire operating approximately 40 vehicles. 3L had been using traditional fuel cards to pay for fuel. In December 2013 they signed up for Bread4Business Prepaid Fuel Card and have since seen significant savings on fuel of up to £2k a month.

Bread4Business Prepaid Fuel Card’s aim is to ensure businesses are kept moving without restrictions with the added benefit of using the card to pay for on the road expenses.

‘Bread4Business Prepaid Mastercard provided us with a cost saving solution to the traditional fuel cards we were using. With no restrictions on where our drivers purchase fuel meant that we are able to advise on which fuelling stations to use with the cheapest rates of the day. Purchasing anything up to £45k a month on fuel we are seeing significant savings between £1.5- £2k a month and would highly recommend this product to other companies that have fleets.’ Saul Butler, Managing Director, Lutterworth Logistics.

Bread4Business is a unique solution, which combines secure EMV card packaging (including PIN) with a unique corporate loading and float management system to ensure that cards can be issued securely and used immediately. Our cards can help reduce costs, with no credit or overdraft facility – there’s no risk of overspending and less fraudulent behaviour.

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