Consumer Benefits

Getting a spending card has never been easier than with a prepaid card. Your approval is assured once you meet the minimum identification requirements. There will be no credit checks or employment verification. You don’t even need a bank account!

Getting a bank account in many countries can be very difficult for example if you are a foreign national residing or working in the UK. With a prepaid card approval is 100% guaranteed.

For those people who want to control and budget their spending they can set the spending limits by the prepaid amount loaded on your card. You also can log on to the web site to review your spending. Your prepaid card makes it easy to get your spending under control and shop wisely.

The popularity of the Internet makes it difficult to use cash for transactions like booking a flight or train ticket, reserving a cinema seat, and buying products online. A prepaid card allows you to access all these things in the knowledge that your transactions are safe and secure.

If you regularly transfer money to friends or family abroad you could use our bread prepaid Mastercard to do this very cheaply. Just order a secondary card, and then post this to your family member or friend. Then you can share your money with them. They will be able to spend using the card or make cash withdrawals from ATMs in their home country.

A Selection of Prepaid Card Case Studies