Business Applications

Prepaid has a wide range of applications for businesses. If you are faced with any of the following problems - we can help you get control of your spending in a convenient and efficient way:

  • Wage payments to temporary or transient staff or contractors
  • Ad hoc expenses or per diem payments to staff members
  • Don't want to use (or can't get) employee credit cards
  • 24/7 Disbursements to affiliates, agents or customers in cash or cheques
  • Purchasing on the internet by different departments
  • Tracking of petty cash expenses
  • Gifts or incentives to staff and business partners
  • Virtual cards for internet only purchases

We can offer a wide range of solutions to all the scenarios above. These include our very popular bread4business program where we can issue you with as few as 5 cards for instant distribution and loading to a fully bespoke program with your own branding, website (or API connection to your own) and customer service team.

Our cards run on the Mastercard rails meaning that they are widely accepted in over 35m locations worldwide. We can enable / disable cash access at the flip of a switch and even restrict categories of merchants where the cards can be used giving you ultimate flexibility. You will be given access to our core Podium software via a secure web portal and have the ability to register new cards and load / unload cards 24/7. You will also have access to spending reports and have complete visibility over how your funds are being spent (subject to data protection laws).

In terms of delivery, we can offer instant issue secure packaged products, delivery directly to cardholders homes or virtual cards (for internet spending only).

We are technology specialists so secure access to our Podium software application can be made from your own systems via API, via our own portals or via a custom web portal or Mobile Apps. Our implementation teams will work through the most appropriate methods during our analysis of your requirements.

Call us today to discuss how prepaid can enhance your business.

A Selection of Prepaid Card Case Studies