About Us

Payment Card Solutions (PCS) was formed in 2006 with the purpose of delivering quality Mastercard and Visa prepaid card programs globally.

Payment Card Solutions is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Authorised Payment Institution under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 (Firm No. 777613)

Based in London, the management team at PCS come from varied backgrounds including banking, management consulting, software development, telecoms, money transfer and retail operations. This combination of skills means that whatever industry you work in, we have the knowledge to both understand and help. We are subject matter experts in our field.

What we do

We are a prepaid program manager. This encompasses lots of things including delivering a technical platform to manage card applications, cardholder queries and many other back office functions including apps and SMS tools. We are the focal point, combining a large number of key suppliers to develop and deliver prepaid card solutions. We also advise on marketing materials and fulfil all compliance functions related to prepaid products.

Over the last eight years, we have invested heavily in our IT systems to build a robust, best of breed solution for for business customers and consumers alike. The functionality and features within our offering has expanded greatly along with our capability to deliver pan-European programs on both physical and virtual prepaid cards through our partnership with Bin Sponsors IDT Finance and Wirecard Card Solutions on either the VISA or Mastercard networks.

A robust, best of breed solution for business customers and consumers alike

We own and operate our own prepaid card products for both the consumer and corporate markets which can be used with our partners either for them to re-sell and earn commission or within their own organisations to replace cash or checks as a convenient payout method for staff, partners or customers.

We can also provide a freely-customisable "white label" solution for organisations wanting to launch their own branded prepaid card scheme.

If you want to cherry-pick just a few of our services, we can also provide purely technical integration for companies wishing to manage or partially manage their own prepaid program.

If you are thinking of developing a prepaid program from the ground up, in direct partnership with a sponsoring bank and card processor, we would urge you to talk to us first. We can offer access to all our existing functionality and supplier integration points as a managed IT service, leaving you to concentrate on building the business without having to manage costly and time-consuming IT development.

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